lördag 31 december 2011

Man har det inte roligare än man gör sig

2011 var ett år i förändring. Januri känns som en evighet sedan. Februari likaså. I mars vaknade jag upp ur en lång koma och satte fart på mig själv. Hyrde ett kontor och avslutade min andra vuxenroman. Eller, redigering kvarstår till viss del, men det där kontoret var livsavgörande, och manuset har början, mitt och slut. Sedan blev jag erbjuden ett jobb. Som jag tackade ja till. Som nu har utökats. Underbart. Men, resten av livet då? Just nu behöver jag lite riktning och i brist på en vis gumma som kan berätta vad som kommer att ske, så fortsätter jag med numerologin. Förra inlägget var tydligen tarotkortsdragning, inte numerologi i egentlig mening. Jaja, jag är novis.

Ingen annan än jag själv är säkerligen intresserad och detta inlägg blev på tok för långt, så sluta ni att läsa här. Återstår bara för mig att säga GOTT NYTT ÅR!

Men för er som vill läsa vidare, så kommer en tolkning av min person här.
Baserat på namn och annat:
 Life Path Number:
 - The Life Path Number is the road that you will follow through life.
 - It indicates your talents & abilities that will help you along that road.
 - These skills are the ones that will help you reach your destiny.
   (Total of the numbers in your Date of Birth)
 Your Life Path Number is: 18/9/9
With a Life Path Number of Nine your path will be one of compassion, tolerance and caring for the brotherhood of man. You have a very broad view of this world and you have a great love for all of the people in it. You are always trying to make the world a better place. You are a born healer and you are always trying to reach out to others. You are multitalented and you always strive for perfection. Your talents are best put to use for the greater good of mankind. You need to learn how to 'let go' of those that you can't help and keep focused on the bigger picture.

 Destiny Number:
 - Your Destiny Number reveals your life's purpose. What you must live up to in this life.
 - Your opportunities for success. Your spiritual mission.
 - The qualities & manner of living that you must develop.
 - What you are destined for. The target you are aiming for in life.
 - The kind of work that would be a natural expression for your Life Path.
   {Total of the letters in your full birth name.}
 Your Destiny Number is: 8/8/8
With a Destiny Number of Eight your mission in life has much to do with exercising power over the world. You have ambition, drive and enormous talent. You love to be in a position of authority.  Whatever your enterprise, you strive to be the best. You are highly competitive and you enjoy a good challenge. You are very confident of yourself and you are also very formal. You are very reliable, consistent and efficient. Your work is always of a high standard. You hate wasting time and you are usually well disciplined, well informed and well off. You will find success in finance, banks, insurance, real estate and government institutions. You are destined for material success. Get out there and be the masterful leader that you were born to be.

 Soul Number:
 - Your Soul Number tells you what you long for.
 - What your soul wants to express in this lifetime.
 -  It can tell you things like:
      - Your heart's desire
      - Your true motivation
      - What you long for
      - What you love best
      - What you need to feed your soul
      - What you value most.
   {Total of the vowels in your full birth name.}
 Your Soul Number is: 19/10/1
With a Soul Number of One you love to take the lead. You are ambitious, headstrong, independent and dominant. You seek to be the leader in any endeavour that you undertake. You have a great determination and willpower, and you really thrive on challenges. You love the foreground, the hot-seat of responsibility (you really hate passing the buck).You shun competition unless you feel that you really have the advantage. You prefer to work alone as you would rather stay away from teams, committees and mediocrity. You have been given all of the talents that you need to succeed. If you maintain balance in your life, by allowing others full expression of their thoughts and abilities, you will rise to the top of your chosen field and realise your dreams.

 Personality Number:
 - Your Personality Number (or the "outer you") is what is most obvious to others about you.
 - In other words it's how others view you.
   {Total of the consonants in your full birth name.}
 Your Personality Number is: 34/7/7
With a Personality Number of Seven you appear quiet, studious and often withdrawn. People see you as being serious, mysterious and just a little bit different than most. You are highly independent and self-sufficient. Your exceptional intelligence and wisdom are quickly noticed, and other people respect you for this. You can be a very hard person to get to know. You are usually well dressed and groomed and you have exceptional taste. You are an inspired speaker, but only when you are discussing subjects that really interest you. Your love of knowledge and wisdom shows.

 Maturity Number:
 - The Maturity Number (also called the Reality Number) attempts to tell of the nature of your own true self.
 - It is a compilation of your name & birthday vibrations.
 - It gives you insight into what you can expect in the second half of your life.
 - It indicates how you might interpret the combined energies of the Destiny Number & the Life Path Number.
 - Your Maturity Number reveals the ultimate goal of your life.
  {Life Path Number + Destiny Number}
 Your Maturity Number is: 17/8/8
With a Maturity Number of Eight you will grow in success and financial reward. As you mature you will find yourself deepening your commitment to work. You will find it easier to overcome difficulties that block your path, and your capacity to use power will grow. You will be recognised as a pillar of influence and dependability within your community.  Your wisdom and sheer commonsense will be recognised by many, and will attract important positions. It is possible that you will be given responsibility for the care and management of other people's property. You may also be asked to guide large corporations. You will organise and be involved in business matters until the last nail is in your coffin.

 Birthday Number:
 - Your Birthday Number influences the middle years of your life (28 - 56).
 - Your Birthday Number reveals your unique talents & tendencies.
 - Your soul chose your birthday because that day reflected what you need in this life to help you achieve your destiny.
   {The number of your birthday}
 Your Birthday Number is: 23/5/5
With a Birthday Number of Five you have an innate sense of adventure and a desire for constant change and stimulation. Patience is not your forte, but having your freedom is. You will find it very hard to make commitments or any sort. You are an excellent communicator and you have a magnetic personality. You are highly attractive to the opposite sex. You are forward thinking, resourceful, highly curious and you love movement.

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Linnéa i Colorado sa...

Spännande år! Det är vansinnigt hur mycket man hinner med! Det är så roligt att få en tillbakablick på alla bloggar man läser.

Hanna Lans sa...

Helt fantastiskt vad man hinner med! Med tanke på att jag haft en massa dötid 2011 och ändå fixat med en massa saker, så hoppas jag att jag hinner en massa mer nu år 2012!

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